Inverallan Parish Church
Registered Charity No. SCO10001
Church Redevelopment Plans

Inverallan Church was opened for worship in 1886. Since then, there have been internal changes but now the congregation has a vision of how to create a building for at least the rest of this century. There won't be any external changes but the internal alterations are designed to make the building into one suitable for a wide range of uses for the Church and wider community.

The traditional pews will be removed; the space will be adaptable for a wide range of uses with more toilet facilities, a kitchen area, relaxing areas, separate meeting rooms and space to store furniture between different activities. Part of the plans are to improve the heating system and to introduce more light through the use of glass panelling.

Please come to view the plans and to give us feedback over tea and coffee.

Opening Times

Wednesday 28th June 10 am - 12 noon; 3-7 pm

Thursday 29th June 10 am - 12 noon; 3-7 pm

Friday 30th June 10 am - 12 noon; 3-7 pm

Saturday 1st July 10 am - 12 noon